Thursday, 26 February 2015

Maldives Police Service Security Sector Information Bulletin

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Statement from the Maldives Police Service regarding allegations of police brutality on 23 February 2015. Please find original statement attached at the bottom of the page.


Subject: Allegations of police brutality on 23 February 2015

With reference to the events that took place before former President of Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed first appearance at Criminal Court on 23 February 2014, he was produced at Court only after first aid was administered and after first aid professionals present declared him with no serious external injuries, therefore deeming him fit to appear for his trial. After his first hearing, he was then taken to Dhoonidhoo detention facility where he was given medical care at Dhoonidhoo detention facility by medical professionals present. Further, he was taken for a thorough medical examination to Medica Hospital in Male’ on the afternoon of 24 February 2015 at 1430hrs where doctors have declared that he has a muscle sprain on his right shoulder only.

Since former President Nasheed was brought into police custody on 22 February 2015, Maldives Police Service has granted him all the rights of an accused who is kept under detention. His family and lawyers are granted the obligatory access to visit him at the Dhoonidhoo police detention facility as well as Maldives Democratic Party members who have been granted a special permission to meet President Nasheed in an effort by Maldives Police Service to show goodwill. Officials of the Human Rights Commission have also been granted access to the detention facility whenever requested.

Maldives Police Service is deeply disheartened by the statements made by Human Rights Commission of Maldives regarding President Nasheeds first appearance at court. It is observed that the Human Rights Commision of Maldives did not conduct any investigation or obtain statements from Maldives Police Service before condemning police actions via the press release (PR-03/2015). Human Rights Commission of Maldives is urged to seek full objectivity of all prevailing circumstances when making public statements in the future.

President Mohamed Nasheed is due to appear in Court at 1900hrs of 26 February 2015.

Maldives Police Service

Republic of Maldives


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