Thursday, 17 December 2015

Statement issued by Ministry of Home Affairs on former President Nasheed's medical treatment

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Former President of Maldives Mr Mohamed Nasheed, who is serving jail sentence for ordering to abduct a judge, receives medical treatment as and when such a treatment requires, Minister of Home Affairs Umar Naseer said today.

Minister Umar Naseer said that “contrary to claims by President Nasheed’s lawyers, the doctors who have been consulted, have not said that Mr Nasheed’s condition is life threatening. As per the standard operational protocol at the Correctional Service, whenever Mr Nasheed requested for medical treatment, the necessary treatments have been provided without any hindrance or unnecessary delays.”

Commenting on the questions about President Nasheed requiring medical treatment overseas, Minister Umar said the “standard procedure applied in treating inmates in prisons in the Maldives is that a person can be considered for sending overseas for medical treatment when the treatment or the required laboratory examination is not available in the Maldives. In the case of Mr Nasheed, the required treatment and laboratory examination facilities are available in the Maldives. The Correctional Service has obtained opinions from separate doctors on this and they both have come to the same conclusion”.

Former President Nasheed’s lawyers have announced last week that Mr Nasheed has decided to appeal the jail sentence at the Supreme Court of the Maldives. This is the first time that Mr Nasheed announced his intention to appeal the case, and the Government of Maldives has welcomed the decision.


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