Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Foreign Secretary briefs CMAG Ministers in Malta

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25 November 2015; The Maldives briefed the CMAG Ministers today at the Group’s meeting held in Malta. The Maldives delegation headed by Foreign Secretary Dr Ali Naseer Mohamed, informed the CMAG Ministers that the Maldives had faced a very particular set of events in the last two months, including an assassination attempt on the President, during which the President escaped unharmed, but the First Lady sustained serious injuries, as result of an explosion on the Presidential boat, believed to have been caused by an IED containing high explosives, namely RDX.

The investigation of the assassination attempt implicated a number of individuals, including the then Vice-President, Mr Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Ghafoor, who was consequently arrested. The arrest resulted in a vote being tabled in Parliament to impeach the Vice-President, a vote carried by an overwhelming majority. During the investigation, the police and the security forces uncovered a large cache of arms hidden in several locations in the Maldives. The seriousness of the situation required the Government to declare a State of Emergency, which enabled the police and security services to take measures to ensure that security situation in the country is not deteriorated. The Foreign Secretary also noted that State of Emergency did not remove or impinge upon fundamental rights such as Freedom of Expression, Freedom of the Media, or those fundamental rights and protections that those subject to arrest, or those accused of crimes.

CMAG Ministers were also informed that in a mere 6 days after its declaration, the President lifted the State of Emergency having taken into account the views of a number of other Governments, of international organisations, and having consulted with the police and security services regarding the domestic security situation.

The Foreign Secretary noted that despite complex domestic challenges, Maldives reiterated its commitment to reform and to move forward in upholding democratic principles.

The Maldives recognises the importance of the Commonwealth family of nations, and further, how nations can assist each other, especially in today’s global climate.

To that end, Maldives further re-iterates its commitment to the Commonwealth and to the principles it holds dear.

The Maldives looks forward to furthering partnerships with those other Commonwealth nations and availing itself of the offers of assistance.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Republic of the Maldives


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