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"'Small' means striving to achieve higher and dreaming big" – FM Dunya

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06 May 2015, Geneva, Switzerland; While illustrating the Maldivian Story at the Human Rights Council the Minister of Foreign Affairs H E Dunya Maumoon has underscored that “small” means striving to achieve higher and dreaming big”. The Minister made the statement in her closing remarks at the review of the Maldives under the UPR tonight.

The Minister stated that the Government was ‘incredibly committed to further improving the human rights situation, in making our country resilient, and in making human rights a way of life’. On this note Minister Dunya highlighted the remarkable progress the Maldives has made towards realizing human rights and the triumphs achieved in the socio-economic sphere. “We have shown maximum transparency in highlighting the formidable challenges we encounter, as we look at the long-term implementation of what we set out for ourselves in 2004 with our comprehensive Reform Agenda”, said the Foreign Minister.

She also expressed hope that the international community “can be equally accepting of the fact that we are incredibly committed to further improving the human rights situation, in making our country resilient, and in making human rights a way of life”. The Minister further remarked that the interactive dialogue is a reflection of the the keen interest the international community has in the Maldives and the success of its story. 

During her statement the Minister also thanked the delegations who took the time to pose questions and clarifications and welcomed them in the spirit of dialogue and engagement. She also highlighted constraints faced in the preparatory process and noted that “unlike several other countries, the Maldives did not have a dedicated team for the UPR preparations. Every single person was juggling various portfolios and responsibilities. And the dedication, and the passion of every single person in the UPR Team, is commendable”.

In concluding the Minister also acknowledged the various Shadow Reports submitted by the various organizations and thanked them for their submission. Reflecting back on Maldives’ first review in 2010, Minister noted that Maldives has journeyed through some eventful days during the past four years. She also noted that ‘no country has a perfect record on human rights and governance’ and that in this regard ‘Maldives is no different.’ The Minister reaffirmed the Government’s commitment towards continuing ‘to work on improving, on cultivating values, on building resilience, to the many challenges we face every day’.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Republic of the Maldives


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