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India continues to show to the world that idealism is realism- FM Dunya

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26 January 2015 Male’; The Minister of Foreign Affairs H E Ms. Dunya Maumoon has highlighted the deep bonds of friendship that exist between the Maldives and India and characterized the enduring bilateral ties to be based on mutual respect.

Speaking at the function to mark the 65th Republic Day of India the Minister praised the developmental achievements of India and the maturity of its society. “India continues to show to the world that idealism is realism;” she said. “It has also shown that it is realistic to strive to achieve an ideal balance in the society; a society where different cultures can co-exist and indeed thrive and prosper in peace and harmony. At times of global turbulence, India demonstrates maturity and calmness”.

Recalling that India was one of the first countries to recognize Maldives as an independent state in 1965, the Minister noted that India’s recognition contributed significantly to the global recognition received by Maldives following independence. “Despite the vast difference in size between our two countries, our friendship remains cemented on mutual respect”, said the Minister.

Continuing on this note she stressed on the “strong foundation laid by President Gayoom, who took special care in cultivating Maldives-India ties” and further reiterated that the fact President Yameen undertook his first overseas trip to India was testament to the closeness with which India is held by the Maldives. The Minister also recalled the contributions made by India to the developmental agenda of the Maldives and expressed appreciation to the Government and people of India. She also touched on increasing more business opportunities for Indian investors in Maldives and expressed hope for increased “meaningful interactions between our business communities through business forums and networking sessions”.

Further in her address Foreign Minister Dunya recollected the timely responses India provides to requests from Maldives. In this regard she highlighted the rapid response received from India to the water crisis last year and noted that India’s readiness to assist Maldives is time-tested. Before concluding the Minister paid tribute to Prime Minister Modi’s spirit and policy aimed at revitalizing regional cooperation and integration in South Asia. She highlighted that the leadership of both countries remain committed to further strengthen the historical bonds that exist between Maldives and India.

Last night’s function was attended by Cabinet Ministers, senior government officials, the DipCorp and a large number of Indian nationals living in Male’.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Republic of the Maldives


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