Thursday, 11 December 2014

President Yameen reiterates the importance of practicing ‎environmental friendly and sustainable fisheries

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Speaking at the function held on Thursday evening to mark this year’s ‎Fishermen’s Day, President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has ‎reiterated the importance of practicing environmental friendly and ‎sustainable ‎fisheries ‎in the Maldives. 

Highlighting that the pole and line fishery practiced in the Maldives was ‎one of the most sustainable methods of fishing, President Yameen asserted ‎that the practice has gained the Maldives fish exports premium quality in ‎international markets. However, the President stated that the Maldives has ‎no control on setting the ‎price of its fish in the international markets due ‎to its small scale of supply.‎

Underscoring that the fisheries industry faced the biggest challenges to ‎development among its industries, President Yameen noted that Maldives ‎was no longer eligible for duty free concessions under the Generalised ‎System of Preferences (GSP), a non-reciprocal trade agreement extended ‎to developing countries by the European Union. Continuing on, President ‎Yameen further highlighted that the country has now had to compete with ‎highly efficient, large scale suppliers.‎

President Yameen urged the importance of adopting best practices, and ‎seeking technical expertise and know-how, to build the capacity of the ‎fisheries industry, to effectively compete with the international markets.‎

Speaking at the ceremony, the President also highlighted the efforts being ‎undertaken by the Government to provide further employment ‎opportunities for the Maldivian youth. On this line, President Yameen ‎noted that Felivaru Fisherman’s Marina inaugurated earlier that morning, ‎would create an additional 240 jobs for youth. The President further said ‎the Marina would support the Government’s efforts to encourage ‎more ‎young people to enter the fisheries industry.

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