Wednesday, 10 December 2014

President Yameen sends message on the occasion of this ‎year’s SAARC Charter Day

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President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has sent a message on ‎the occasion of this year’s SAARC Charter Day.‎
The President’s message reads as follows:‎
“As we commemorate the beginning of the 30th Anniversary of the ‎founding of the South Asian ‎Association for Regional Cooperation ‎‎(SAARC), it gives me great pleasure to extend warm greetings and ‎good ‎wishes to the Secretary General of SAARC, the staff at the SAARC ‎Secretariat and people of all ‎SAARC Members States.‎”‎
“SAARC stands as the sole regional platform in South Asia to ‎realize the treasured bonds of the ‎shared civilisation, culture and common ‎history; with the aim to build relations between us; on the ‎sacred premise ‎that regional cooperation is mutually beneficial, desirable; and indeed ‎necessary. I ‎believe that Asia, and South Asia in particular, is becoming ‎more powerful and more prominent than ‎any other time in our history. In ‎short, the future is ours to shape and SAARC has an imperative role to ‎‎ensure that this is achieved.” ‎
“Since its establishment in 1985, SAARC has facilitated regional ‎cooperation in many areas to ‎improve the well-being of the people of South ‎Asia. In doing so, the Association has attempted to ‎reinforce a common ‎South Asian identity and solidarity given the region’s close historical, ‎cultural and ‎geographical ties and the common aspiration and desire of all ‎Member States to promote the social and ‎economic well being of their ‎peoples. Maldives, during our recent Chairmanship took a keen interest in ‎‎institutional reform of the organization to ensure SAARC and its activities ‎are high-reaching, result ‎oriented and more sectoral focused. Our goal is to ‎move SAARC towards regional resilience and ‎SAARC has proved to be ‎successful in promoting mutual collaboration in economic, social, cultural, ‎‎technical and scientific fields.‎”‎
“While it’s important that we celebrate SAARC’s achievements in ‎bringing together the region of ‎South Asia and achieving considerable ‎progress in areas of economic, social, technical and scientific ‎fields, it is ‎equally important for us to recognize and address the numerous challenges ‎faced by SAARC. ‎The true potential of this region may be unlocked, and ‎the relations between us deepened, through ‎innovation, drive, and most ‎importantly leadership.” ‎
‎“As we commemorate this important occasion, I would like to ‎reaffirm the Maldives’ ‎commitment to the SAARC ideals, and fostering ‎even stronger cooperation for the advancement of all ‎Member States. It is ‎my sincere hope that we will put aside our differences and work together to ‎realize ‎our common goal of a better and more prosperous future for the ‎people of South Asia. Individually, we ‎may not be able to voice our ‎concerns, yet collectively, we can cross oceans and scale mountains. It is ‎‎time that we start putting “South Asia first”.‎”‎
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Republic of the Maldives


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