Sunday, 10 November 2013

President decides to remain in office till 16 November

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President Dr Mohamed Waheed has announced his decision to continue to take on the responsibilities as President of the Maldives until the 16th of November. The President conveyed his decision in a press statement delivered this evening. However, the President said that he would not remain in office after the 16th of November.

In his speech, the President underlined that, as the leader of this country today, his duty was to protect the most important national interests. Noting that a large number of Maldivians and the international community were calling for his resignation, the President said that on the other hand, a much larger number of the citizens were requesting him not to leave the country in a vacuum, but to remain till the elections; to carry on in service to the country.

“None of this would be easy for any of us, nor the country. Either way, the next days would be very challenging”, said the President.

President Waheed said that for the last 21 months, his highest priority was to minimize divisions within the community, to unite the people, and to try to work with people from diverse political backgrounds. He further said that it took a lot of hard work to reach the date of elections in a peaceful manner.

The President noted that the current presidential term would expire at 12 am on 11 November; and since the Constitution was silent on a way forward, the President said that he had submitted the issue to Parliament to get a constitutional solution.

“My reason to submit the issue to Parliament was because I believe that adequate solutions for such problems can only be achieved through consensus. It is for this reason that the Constitutional amendments are only possible with specific majorities”, the President added.

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