Monday, 21 October 2013

Sacrifices of national heroes must be held close to our hearts – says President

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Commander in Chief, President Dr Mohamed Waheed has said that as a country, and as a national defense force, it was important to hold the sacrifices of our national heroes close to our hearts, and follow their example. The President made this statement while speaking at the oath taking ceremony of the 59th batch of MNDF recruits.

In his speech, the President said that the Maldives National Defense Force has left behind a colourful and admirable history. He advised all MNDF personnel to always remember that the force’s duty was a sacrifice made in the name of our religion, country, and the people.

Highlighting the social changes the country has undergone, the President said that the people’s expectations have started to dramatically change over the years. He noted that the country’s social, economic and political status suffer as a result of our own interests being put before national interest.

Addressing the new batch of MNDF recruits, President Waheed reminded that the Maldives was today, at a very critical stage of transitioning into a democracy. He further said that the defense force must show patience and wisdom, as well as be committed in serving a country going through such a drastic change.

Continuing in this regard, the President urged everyone to try to respect the differences among us, and give priority to national interest. He also asked everyone to put patriotism and national spirit above everything else.

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