Thursday, 19 September 2013

Government of Maldives takes note of the statements issued by some countries and international organisations concerning the Maldives presidential elections.

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19th September 2013, Male’; The Government of Maldives takes note of the statements issued by some countries and international organizations concerning the Maldives presidential elections.

The Government of Maldives acknowledges the interest of some international organizations, such as the Commonwealth in having a free, fair and just election in the Maldives. It is in fact the people of the Maldives that wanted such an election more than anyone else, and the Government did everything possible to ensure that the election is held in accordance with the letter and spirit of the Constitution. The Maldives, as a young democracy, continues to face a number of challenges in its journey towards consolidating democracy and strengthening its independent institutions. For this journey to continue the constitutional framework set up in the Maldives through a democratic process should be respected and the authority of the independent institutions should be upheld.

Elections are the primary means of democratic participation and it is an inalienable right of each individual. Similarly, attempts to resolve questions relating to the electoral process through democratic means, is also part of democracy. These fundamental principles of democracy and the rule of law should be accepted by all concerned.

It has to be recalled that while the local and international observers and monitors did a commendable job in observing the elections, it is the State institutions that are constitutionally mandated to address any question related to the elections and electoral process. The Government, therefore, wishes to call on anyone interested in promoting democracy in the Maldives to help, not hinder, the State institutions in exercising their constitutional duties.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Republic of the Maldives


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