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Foreign Minister Dunya and Attorney General Anil briefs CMAG Ministers; reiterates Government commitment to strengthening the justice sector and democracy consolidation of Maldives

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20 April 2016; Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon and Attorney General Mohamed Anil briefed the CMAG Ministers at the Group's meeting held in London today, and reiterated the Government's firm commitment to strengthening the justice sector and democracy consolidation in the Maldives.

During the briefing, Foreign Minister Dunya, and Attorney General Anil

briefed the CMAG about President Yameen's commitment in working constructively with the international partners, particularly the Commonwealth, in implementing the President's National Governance Reform Plan to strengthen the country's governance system. The National Governance Reform Plan will focus on strengthening the justice sector and improving the quality of services provided by the State.

The Foreign Minister and the Attorney General noted that the Constitution of the Maldives guarantees separation of powers and that the independence of the judiciary is absolute and consistent with the Bangalore Principles of Judicial Conduct and also in par with the Latimer House Principles on the three branches of the Government.

The Maldives delegation further stated that President Yameen and his Government is confident that if the Maldives is able to fully implement the reform measures that are outlined in the National Governance Reform Plan, democracy in the Maldives would have sufficient resilience to withstand systemic shocks that it will face in the future.

Minister Dunya highlighted the on-going collaboration with the United Nations. In this regard, on behalf of the Government, Minister Dunya thanked the UN for assisting to start the Proximity Talks, as an initial step to the successfully reconvening the Party Talks. The Minister stated that the Government looks forward to more meaningful engagement from all political actors to accelerate the country's on-going democratisation process. Currently the Government is working with other international partners also in its efforts to build capacity of the democratic institutions in the country.

Minister Dunya, and Attorney General Anil reiterated the Government's commitment to work with the Commonwealth in consolidating democracy in the Maldives.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Republic of the Maldives


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